T for Terrorist

Hollywood romanticizes terror - Nir Rosen exposes it.

Issue: Summer 2006

Alan Moore and David Lloyd, V for Vendetta (New York: Vertigo, 1995), 286 pp., $19.99.

V for Vendetta, 130 min., Warner Brothers, 2006.

Nir Rosen, In the Belly of the Green Bird (New York: Free Press, 2006), 288 pp., $26.

LIKE OTHER clichéd Hollywood marriages, unions between major motion pictures and politics tend to be superficial and overexposed. And they typically end in divorce--most often from reality. This past year's engagements were no different. There were a slew of films focusing on terrorism ranging from the historical Munich to the more contemporary Syriana; the most audacious, however, was widely expected to be the futuristic V for Vendetta.

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