Exposing Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas is peddling lies and distortions. Apparently The New York Times is buying.

But the major basis of political and moral assault on Israel will be the Palestinian demand for a "Right of Return"—and its international acceptance and implementation—of the 1948 refugees, who now number, them and their descendants, 5-6 million souls. As Abbas puts it in his article, the refugee problem will need to be resolved "justly" on the basis of UN General Assembly resolution 194, of December 1948, which, in the Palestinian interpretation, endorses the "Right of Return." If the world accepts this Palestinian demand and there is implementation, Israel will cease to exist (Israel's current population consists of close to 6 million Jews and 1.4 million Arabs: Add to it 5-6 million Palestinian refugees and the country will have an Arab, not a Jewish, majority. Ergo, no Jewish state.). This is the Palestinian aim and end game; this, in fact, is the "truth" that Abbas is purveying and pursuing.