In His Own Words

In June 2005, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz described the rewarding work of helping others.

"I'd say, especially with a view to what I hope to do here, I believe deeply that we are put on this earth so that we leave something better behind us afterwards. It's not just self sacrificing - in fact, in my own experience the most rewarding kind of work is where you feel you are working for something larger than just about yourself. And in that respect I think it's an enormous privilege to be put in the leadership role of this institution, which is very much about helping other people, and particularly, the poorest people of the world, and also it's an enormous responsibility. I think I am somebody with a very deep sense of responsibility. There's nothing more satisfying than feeling that you've done that kind of work."

-World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, speaking on the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) on June 4, 2005