Issue 92 Table of Contents

The Closer   by Justine A.

The Closer   by Justine A. Rosenthal

The United States seems best suited for the role of last-minute hero, swooping in to solve global problems after all others have failed.



The Art of the Possible   by Lee H. Hamilton

When a U.S. administration announces unrealistic foreign-policy goals, it sets itself up for failure. We must take care to keep our rhetoric realistic.



Symposium: Apocalypse When?

The Three "Nos" Knows   by Graham Allison

Cassandra's Conundrum   by Joseph Cirincione

Non-Proliferation Parody?   by William C. Potter

Apocalypse Later   by John Mueller



Foreign Policy Goes Glam   by Daniel W. Drezner

Stars shilling for political causes are everywhere these days. Are they actually making a difference?



From Arabia to Zion

Middle East Muddle   by Dennis Ross

A map of the mess.


A Broken Engagement   by Barbara Slavin

Hell hath no fury like a Tehran scorned.


Plan Z for Iraq   by Amitai Etzioni

A community-based security approach for the land of the two rivers.



What Resource Wars?   by David G. Victor

The threat industry sees smoke, but where's the fire?



Rising and Resurgent Powers

Breaking More Naan with Delhi   by Karl F. Inderfurth & Bruce Riedel

The U.S.-India relationship has remained uncannily consistent. How to move ahead on this positive track.


Hu's on First?   by Joshua Kurlantzick & Devin Stewart

China hasn't made it past first base-yet.


Russia Plays the China Card   by Christopher Marsh

Russia and China are strengthening their ties, but don't bet on an alliance-that is, unless poor U.S. policy drives them together.


A Pipeline Runs Through It   by Jonathan Haslam

With Russia in the driver's seat on energy issues, Europe should worry about running on empty.



Arrested Development   by Benjamin W. Heineman, Jr. & Fritz Heimann

If developed countries fail to effectively enforce the oecd Anti-Bribery Convention, all anti-corruption efforts in the developing world will suffer.



Reviews and Essays

An Officer and a Professor   by Jacob Heilbrunn

A review of Captain Professor by Michael Howard.

The best way to master history is to live through it. Michael Howard's Captain Professor speaks to the past and present.


Betting On the Wrong Donkey   by Christopher A. Preble

A review of Hard Power: The New Politics of National Security by Kurt M. Campbell and Michael E. O'Hanlon.

Recent proposals for beefing up Democratic national-security policy offer little in the way of fresh strategic thinking.