Russian Reset a Cold War Restart

Some in Moscow are calling U.S. senators "monsters" and accusing America of targeting missile defense at Russia.  Obama can consider his policy a failure. 

Only days after Putin’s “parasite” outburst, President Obama called the “reset” his “great achievement.” Maybe he was encouraged by Russia’s issuing a series of postal stamps to commemorate his 50th birthday.

We’ve been down this path before. The United States tried a policy of détente with the Soviet Union in the 1970s, culminating in the kiss between President Jimmy Carter and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev at the SALT II Treaty signing in Vienna. The Soviets then rewarded the United States for its more “constructive” stance by invading Afghanistan. U.S. policymakers should reassess the “reset” and develop strategies that counter Russia’s global anti-American agenda—not focus on phantom “advancements” in bilateral relations.