Thanksgiving Musing: Ten Reasons to Be Thankful About the World

A few of the things TNI is thankful for this holiday season.

10. Navy SEALs. And indeed all personnel in the U.S. military and their families.

9. Canada. What polite neighbors!

8. Energy prices—could be worse.

7. The Super Committee, because the image of members of Congress in capes and tights is one of few bright spots in the legislative branch.

6. North Korean leader Kim Jong-il appears to spend more time watching foreign movies than plotting foreign adventures.

5. Germany’s ability (and willingness so far) to pay for other European countries’ economic mistakes.

4. At least it should now be clear that Iran is indeed trying to build a nuclear warhead and hasn’t worked it out so far.

3. Afghanistan and Iraq are relatively calm.

2. No “Arab Spring” in non-Arab Pakistan or, if you prefer, no nuclear weapons in an increasingly unstable Egypt.

1. You don’t need to learn Chinese to talk to your mortgage lender—yet.