The Realist

Asia Is in America's DNA

Failing to play a dominant role in the Far East wouldn't just be foolish. It would change who we are.

The Myth of the New Isolationism

A new prudence about using force abroad will sustain, not undermine, American leadership abroad.

America's Default Foreign Policy

Humanitarian interventions have become the reflex position in Washington. But the American public is more nationalistic and more skeptical of foreign do-goodery. Could a reckoning be at hand?

The Myth of a Moderate Obama

The president is no pragmatic centrist. In fact, he has the most expansive and leftist vision in the history of the presidency.

A Sadly Simplistic Afghan Debate

Nixon's handling of Vietnam and China could offer insights for Obama in Afghanistan.

Leading Blindly across a Minefield

The international system is at a transformative moment. Yet President Obama has failed to set a direction for America.

American Interest, American Blood

The price America pays in blood for its overseas initiatives rarely gets mentioned in political debates surrounding such policies, but it deserves more attention.

Morality Play Instead of Policy

International trends have become less favorable to the United States. This national vacation from serious foreign-policy analysis in the political arena is both ill timed and dangerous.

The False Neocon View of Reagan

There's a dangerous illusion in the  legend that Reagan changed course in Cold War policy and set the country on a path to expansive overseas adventurism. Beware of false lessons about his stewardship.

Why We Exist

The National Interest stands for realism in U.S. international relations, a conviction that foreign policy should be based upon real-world considerations—forces, pressures and passions emanating from factors of culture and geography.

Foreign-Policy Failure

Obama’s foreign-policy decisions—from provoking Islamabad to two-timing Beijing to alienating Moscow—lack the strategic long-term thinking the U.S. needs. Hypocrisy and incoherence rule.

All the President's Dreams

President Obama came to office promising a new era in international affairs. So far, he’s been big on rhetoric and has accomplished little. Obama’s inability to prioritize foreign policy risks destroying his presidency.

Nuclear Abolition, A Reverie

The hope that we might one day rid the world of nuclear weapons is as old as the technology itself. Atomic destruction has always seemed too great a risk to bear. Yet a nuclear-free world is nothing but a dream—world government, a Praetorian Guard

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April 16, 2014