America Has Failed Its Goal of Rebuilding Afghanistan

An Afghan policeman keeps watch near the site of a blast in Kabul

The noble goal has clearly failed.

This was why many of us were disappointed when President Donald Trump unrolled his administration’s new Afghanistan policy. Despite Trump’s realization during the presidential campaign that U.S. investment in blood and treasure has not produced the security gains that the American people were promised by their foreign policy elites, he has chosen to adopt the same flawed assumptions about Afghanistan’s supposed indispensability as his predecessors.

Ultimately, America’s misadventure in Afghanistan doesn’t need more troops, money or commitment. Instead, what the United States needs is a brutally honest assessment of how little Afghanistan’s political future truly matters to America’s national security.

Sixteen years of war in the Afghan countryside has exposed how hollow and bankrupt U.S. policy is. It’s never too late for the foreign policy officials to sober up and change course. But it’s inconceivable if Washington is unwilling to deal with the cold-blooded reality in front of them.

Daniel DePetris is a fellow at Defense Priorities.

Image: Reuters


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