Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson: Deconstructing A2AD

"The Navy will avoid using the term A2AD as a stand-alone acronym that can mean many things to different people or almost anything to anyone."

It must go beyond words - we must act.  And we are. We continue to up our game through training, experimentation, wargames, and new technologies. We are working hand-in-glove with our Marine Corps partners and sister services.  Our scientists, Sailors, and strategists are doing remarkable things to push today’s boundaries and develop new ways to maintain our edge. We are working more closely with the private sector, and reaching more deeply into the worlds of academia and industry, to bring the best ideas to the table - quickly.  And we are forging deeper partnerships with other like-minded naval forces around the world.

The pace of change is accelerating everywhere we look.  The margins of victory will be razor thin. More than ever before, maintaining our edge depends on clear thinking, coupled with decisive action, that is focused on executing our mission against today’s threats and against those in the future.  In this way United States Naval Forces will remain prepared to go wherever they need to go, at any time, and stay for as long as is necessary to project America’s strategic influence anywhere around the globe.

Admiral John Richardson is the 31st Chief of Naval Operations.

Image: U.S. Navy