May's Conservatives May Take a Hit at the Polls

London’s Tower Bridge at evening. Pixabay/Public domain

Theresa May is gambling that positive polls and support for Brexit will give her party a boost during the June election.

Prime Minister May and her Conservative Party should win (based on polls and Labour disharmony), but elections over the past year or so have not gone according to plan. Brexit was a good example of that. There are some variables that could complicate a Conservative romp. For example, Brexit second thoughts could play to Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish Nationalists. There is also the possibility that the Conservative campaign could stumble or that the economy could sour more rapidly than expected. Although the Conservatives should triumph, this election many not be as straightforward a venture as many expect.

Scott B. MacDonald is Chief Economist for Smith’s Research and Gradings.

Image: London’s Tower Bridge at evening. Pixabay/Public domain