Trump Is Right about Iran, and Needs Opposing Sides to Focus on Common Ground

An undated photo released by Iran's Army on November 20, 2010 shows an anti-aircraft missile S-200 being launched during a war game from an unknown location in Iran.

If the administration is not able to effectively implement its policy on Iran due to lack of cooperation, then the party that will benefit is Tehran.

Therefore, there is a vital need for new discourse that seeks new and innovative strategies to fix the deal in ways that will serve U.S. interests. Not only would this intellectual effort better reflect the positions of the nonproliferation community; it can actually contribute to U.S. policy. It can assist the president in protecting the declared goal of the JCPOA, which is the prevention of a nuclear-armed Iran, and strengthen the nonproliferation regime. Concentrating on the ongoing dispute, rather than areas of common ground, diverts the community from its strategic goal and historic role.

Dr. Emily B. Landau is a Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Arms Control and Regional Security program at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS).

Dr. Avner Golov serves as the Director of Research Programs at the Institute.

Image: Reuters


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