We Can Verify This Deal

A veteran nuclear inspector says the Iran deal "can be made to work"—even if Iran cheats.

This deal can be made to work. At a minimum, it will substantially increase the time it would take Iran to develop and deploy nuclear weapons and the warning time the United States would have if Iran were to move forward to gain nuclear weapons during the next fifteen years. The real and very open question is how Iran will use this time.

The task for American diplomacy as this deal goes forward is to make clear to Iran the substantial risks and costs that it will face, and the benefits it would lose, if it fails to use the opportunity provided by this breakthrough deal.

David Kay led the UN inspection after the first Gulf War that uncovered the previously unknown Iraqi nuclear program and, after the most recent Gulf War, led the CIA's Iraq Survey Group that determined that there had been no Iraqi weapons of mass destruction at the time of the war. He is now a private consultant in Washington, D.C.

Image source: IAEA.