Fall 1999

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Reviews and Essays

The Future of Nationalism

A combination of fatigue and the declining importance of the state may make this divisive ideology easier to handle in the next century.

Michael Mandelbaum

For the Record

As we contemplate the results of victory in Kosovo, it is time to sort fact from fiction concerning American intervention.

Christopher LayneBenjamin Schwarz

Two Cheers for 'Asian Values'

First used to explain the East Asian economic miracle, then blamed for the region's economic collapse, Asia's famous values are subjected to a cool appraisal.

Nathan Glazer

The Most Dangerous Country

A close look at North Korea, a country with a demonstrated capacity for coming up with unpleasant surprises.

Nicholas Eberstadt

A Bridge Too Far

Washington's millenarians and their imaginary world.

Lawrence F. Kaplan

China's Military: A Second Opinion

An article in the last issue claimed that China's military is a hollow force. The facts, two other China experts argue, are otherwise.

James LilleyCarl Ford

Toward an English-Speaking Union

The idea of a European Union is artificial and unconvincing. A more natural association would be one between like-minded peoples who share a common language and heritage.

Robert Conquest