Fall 2000

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Reviews and Essays

The French Position

The French, believe it or not, have their reasons for being so quarrelsome with the United States.

Philip H. Gordon

A Letter from Wales

The economy is fine, but everything else in Britain is falling apart--and the English still can't understand the Welsh.

Owen Harries

Defending the Faiths

Global religious persecution increased during the 1990s, but not as rapidly as America's awareness of it. The proper place of religious freedom in the hierarchy of U.S. foreign policy concerns.

Allen D. HertzkeDaniel Philpott

Talking Turkey

Europe has long viewed Turkey as a parent would a troubled stepchild. But a vibrant and increasingly powerful Turkey is making such an attitude absurd--and dangerous.

Norman Stone

A Skeptical Conservative

Rationalism and politics is a combustible mixture. We know this from history. Oakeshott knew it all along.

Neil McInnes

Living With Russia

When dealing with a sick bear, coddling will not suffice. Before it can be fully accepted by the West, Russia must give up its imperial pretensions.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Two Plus Four

Ten years after the event, a key architect of America's response to German reunification looks back--and draws lessons for the present.

Robert B. Zoellick

Mentor for a Hegemon

Hamilton's legacy is all around us. So why has his wisdom--particularly as concerns foreign affairs--been discounted?

John L. Harper

The Gap

The directors of an ambitious project on civil-military relations detail their findings and plumb the divide between soldiers and civilians.

Peter D. FeaverRichard H. Kohn

Why the Gap Matters

Bridging the gap between military officers and their civilian counterparts will be no easy task. Yet the stakes are too high to comtemplate failure.

Eliot A. Cohen