Fall 2003

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Reviews and Essays

Taking Stock

To succeed, the roadmap to peace will need many things, not least of which is Israeli and Palestinian participation in it.

Dennis Ross

Going Critical

Long before the American Empire becomes overstretched abroad, it will implode economically at home.

Niall FergusonLaurence J. Kotlikoff

Counsel to Britain

How to stay independent and close to the United States at the same time.

Conrad Black

The Art of the Bluff

A note to U.S. policymakers: Saddam Hussein was a reckless risk-taker; Kim Jong-il is not.

Ian Bremmer

Iranian Options

Neither containment nor regime change are optimal policies to pursue vis-à-vis Iran. The time is right for the United States to cut a deal.

Ray Takeyh

Leashing the Dogs of War

With regard to the laws of war, the United States and Europe now operate under completely different legal codes.

David B. Rivkin, Jr.Lee A. Casey

New Europe, New Problems

Sure, the countries of "New Europe" are friends of the United States right now--but what happens when Brussels gets a hold of them?

George J. Viksnins

Left Behind

If freedom, democracy and prosperity are to take root in Ukraine, the West must play a more active role--for the effects of failure will extend beyond its borders.

Anders Aslund

The Theological Iron Curtain

If the United States does not dramatically reorient its diplomacy to promote development and human rights in the Muslim world, it will forsake its own national security interests.

Joseph Lieberman

The Shareholder Model

The United States must revisit "the art of the deal" to preserve its global leadership.

Nikolas K. Gvosdev

The Sick Man of Asia

Russia's reversal of fortunes in its resource-rich Far East will complicate the Asian equation for the United States.

Rajan Menon