Fall 2005

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Reviews and Essays

Paradigm Lost

We have long underestimated China's potential. But overestimating it will be just as bad for U.S. policy formulation.

David M. Lampton

Europe's Dream Disturbed

Now that the EU constitution has been defeated, the Euro-elites can come down from the clouds.

Conrad Black

China's Rise, Asia's Dilemma

America's Asian allies don't always share our assessments of China. We shouldn't make them choose between Washington and Beijing.

Chung Min Lee

Assessing the China Threat

Does China's military really threaten America's position in Asia? Not yet, but it still must be taken seriously.

Robert S. Ross

Understanding Saddam

Explaining Saddam's motivations could be an asset for dealing with other tyrants.

Michael Eisenstadt

A Tale of Three Cities

Despite the obvious obstacles, the signs of democracy are encouraging in Kabul, Beirut and Cairo.

John R. Thomson

What Hobbes Really Said

Life in the state of nature may be "nasty, brutish and short," but states are not people, and Hobbes is not the ultra-realist he is made out to be.

Noel Malcolm

Kings of the East

Bush's realist head and voter's evangelical hearts are taking him in two different directions on China.

Christopher Marsh

The New Great Game

The re-emergence of the ancient Silk Road provides Central Asia with a promising alternative to another reincarnation of great power conquest in the region.

Subodh Atal

Blending Democracy

The political soil of the Middle East has not been tilled by the Western Enlightenment. Growing democracy there must take this into account.

Dov S. Zakheim

In the Wake of War

America shouldn't forget that the other half of regime change is building a new regime.

Brent ScowcroftSamuel R. Berger

The Freedom Crusade

Promoting democracy is not only alien to American diplomatic tradition, it could jeopardize our security.

David C. HendricksonRobert W. Tucker