Jan-Feb 2007

The Realist

End the Crusade

The debacle in Iraq reaffirms the lesson of a thousand years ago: there is no such thing as a good crusade; divine missions are not conducive to sensible policy.

Dimitri K. Simes

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Reviews and Essays

The Three-Quarters Mark

At this juncture, U.S. foreign policy must focus on the foreign, not domestic, policies of others.

Richard N. Haass

Ensuring a Legacy

Bush will never run for office again. He should concentrate on applying his doctrine, not on defending his decisions.

Kim R. Holmes

Lines in the Sand

A nation-state’s borders are not sacrosanct. Failed states should be fragmented into more governable parts.

Robert DelahuntyJohn Yoo

The President's Man

McGeorge Bundy’s honest reversal on Vietnam contrasts with the Bush team’s unwillingness to look back—or forward.

I.M. Destler

Mind the Gap

Why policymaking elites and foreigners alike distrust the judgment of Americans.

Daniel W. Drezner

Beyond the NRA Doctrine

America should join with Europe in aggressively policing proliferation.

Charles D. FergusonPeter van Ham

Jigsaw Jihadism

Ethnic terrorist groups like Hamas can be engaged but there is no negotiating with religious terrorists. A strategy for splitting up the Al-Qaeda network.

Justine A. Rosenthal

The Fightin' Dems

Despite a seeming parade of veteran candidates, war-veteran Democrats didn’t take an inordinate number of seats this past election.

Brendan Conway

New Innovation Challengers

Multinationals in China and India are seeking more sustainable competitive advantages by shifting from imitation to innovation.

Dan Steinbock