Jan-Feb 2008

The Realist

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Reviews and Essays

The New Realism

What should the United States do about problems like terrorism, global warming, nuclear proliferation and Iraq? Bill Richardson lays out his foreign policy vision.

Bill Richardson

Foggy Bloggom

From the January/February issue of The National Interest: Bloggers are moving into the Washington establishment’s neighborhood. From K Street to Capitol Hill, will they ever feel at home?

David Frum

Bad Tidings

In his article "What Resource Wars?" David Victor argued that the threat of resource wars is exaggerated. Sherri Goodman and Paul Kern take him to task.

Sherri W. GoodmanPaul J. Kern

Clearing the Air

In the previous issue of The National Interest, David Victor argued that the threat of resource wars is exaggerated. Michael Klare weighs in.

Michael T. Klare

Straw Man in the Wind

In his article "What Resource Wars?" David Victor argued that the threat of resource wards is exaggerated. Thomas Homer-Dixon responds.

Thomas Homer-Dixon

Smoke and Mirrors

David Victor's article "What Resource Wars?" has created quite a stir. Now Victor responds to his critics.

David G. Victor

The Palmerstonian Moment

Following Lord Palmerston's dictum, the United States may have neither permanent friends nor permanent enemies in the 21st century. We're left with a world of uncertainty—and opportunity.

Richard N. Haass

The Changing of the Guard

Rajan Menon evaluates the latest works on the future of East Asia and its impact on the world. Is Pax Americana in decline, and are we on the verge of a Pax Sinica?

Climatic Engineering

Using science to shape our stratosphere: The solutions to global warming may be found not just on the ground but in the skies.

Fred C. IkleLowell Wood

Black is the New Green

The almighty dollar has some surprising vulnerabilities. Why America's financial health now rests in the hands of China and the oil producers.

Flynt Leverett

The Bell Tolls for NATO

NATO is in a struggle for its life, and Afghanistan just may deliver the fatal blow.

Ilana Bet-ElRupert Smith

The End of Multiculturalism

From its Iraq policy to immigration, the Bush Administration fell victim to multicultural thinking. Until policymakers take culture seriously, we'll continue to make mistakes.

Lawrence E. Harrison

Three Years and You're Out

If you can't beat 'em, keep trying to beat 'em? The United States needs a new counterinsurgency strategy—and soon.

Steven Metz