Jan-Feb 2009

The Realist

A Sit-Down with Brent Scowcroft

The principles of transformationalism—idealism spread by the barrel of a gun—have been central to America’s foreign-policy failings over the last eight years. With a new leadership in power, Washington has a chance to right past wrongs. But that w

Justine A. Rosenthal

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Reviews and Essays

Lost at the NSC

People are starting to talk of Obama creating an Eisenhower-lite foreign-policy team. This is a very good thing, if only a start. America no longer knows how to make good strategy. From the Nazi defeat in World War II to America’s triumph in the c

Andrew F. KrepinevichBarry D. Watts

The Ascension

The creation of Barack Obama’s legacy will play out against three fundamental backdrops: America’s financial crisis; the ability to shore up the power of the United States; and the willingness of Joe Q. Public to spend blood and treasure beyond ou

R. Nicholas Burns

Ambushed on the Potomac

One of America’s best-known neoconservatives gives his take on what went wrong over the past eight years, the role of the State Department in hijacking Bush’s foreign policy and why 50 million conspiracy theorists have it wrong.

Richard Perle

Woodrow Wilson's War

George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq was more consistent with the American tradition than many of his critics claimed, and some of his erstwhile supporters wished. The Wilsonians try to distance themselves from Bush, but they wind  up demonstr

The Republic and the Rahbar

With all of the hype surrounding Iran’s nuclear program and its incendiary President Ahmadinejad, we have been fooled into believe Tehran is one of our biggest threats.

Gary Sick

The Replacements

Every president faces the daunting task of putting together a team that can lead America while transitioning to the role of leader of the free world. Given the way the new administration’s cabinet is shaping up and the heap of global crises, Obama

The Age of Woman

Can women keep us safe? For all the talk of a rise of women to positions of power, there is still a dearth of the female perspective in national security. With the unprecedented appointment of three women to some of the highest posts in the new ad

Putin's Third Way

With the rise in oil prices and a conservative fiscal policy, Russia turned from a debtor nation into an economic powerhouse, creating a compromise between the excesses of the free market and the inefficiencies of a command economy

Clifford G. GaddyBarry W. Ickes

Empire Falls

The United States is in unprecedented decline. Future generations will look back at the past decade as the beginning of the end of American hegemony.

Robert A. Pape