November-December 2013

China: Superpower or Superbust?

Beijing faces new challenges after impressive decades. 


Defending America in Cyberspace

The National Security Agency's strategy for protecting the United States from cyberattacks.

The Decline and Fall of France

France's ruinous economic policies could see its influence in the European Union supplanted by Germany's.

Give Corruption a Chance

Two cheers for corruption—though the West hates it, in some societies it produces good outcomes.

The Next American Majority

Our policy of demographic revolution—and its potentially profound economic and social effects.

Dodd-Frank: Money Never Sleeps

A bloated reform that won't prevent another financial crisis—and might even trigger a fresh one.

Books & Reviews

Misunderestimating Bush and Cheney

George W. was no puppet of his Vice President—and for better or worse, we're still living in the world he built.

Breach of Logic

An unpersuasive argument that America's civilian-military gap is widening—and sucking us into war.

Woodrow Wilson: A Frenzied Pedagogue

From Princeton to the presidency, he never doubted that he was right. He should have—and so should his biographers.

The Realist

The Myth of the New Isolationism

A new prudence about using force abroad will sustain, not undermine, American leadership abroad.

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