Spring 1991

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Reviews and Essays


America is at war, and its citizens are understandably fixated upon events in the Persian Gulf.

John B. Dunlop

The Secret History of Perestroika

Gorbachev has shown that, intentionally or unintentionally, he can destroy the Soviet system comprehensively.  It remains doubtful whether he can replace what he has destroyed.

Frederick Kagan

Getting to Market

Over the past century, economists and other intellectuals have produced an enormous amount of literature on how to convert capitalist market economies into socialist centrally planned ones.

Charles Wolf, Jr.

All Rise for Chairman Powell

Operation Desert Storm presents us with the opportunity to observe America's military establishment in serious action.

Kurt M. Campbell

A Primer for Conservatives

The eruption of hot war in the Persian Gulf has imposed a ceasefire in the debate raging among American conservatives over the direction of American foreign policy.

Burton Yale Pines

The Churches and the War

"The war in the Gulf is not a Christian war, a Jewish war, or a Moslem war--it is a just war," President Bush recently told a group of conservative religious broadcasters, "and it is a war with which good will prevail.

Robert P. Beschel, Jr. and Peter D. Feaver

Fault Lines and Steeples

In a famous passage in a speech to the House of Commons in 1922, Winston Churchill characterized the aftermath of the Great War:Great Empires have been overturned.

Max Beloff

America on Their Minds

The subject of Franco-American relations is "vast," in the Gaullian usage of the word, and for most Americans vastly boring.

H.J. Kaplan

A Morality Tale

John Clark and Aaron Wildavsky, The Moral Collapse of Communism: Poland as a Cautionary Tale (San Francisco: Institute for Contemporary Studies Press, 1990).

Northern Exposure

Soviet commandos were killing citizens in the Baltic republics last January, in part because the old military thinking and the groups whose interests are served by it are alive and well in Gorbachev's newly packaged Soviet state.

Alvin H. Bernstein

Of Bishops and Redskins

Is the United States of America a nation?  By chance, I went to see the new Kevin Costner film, Dances With Wolves, on the same day as the American Catholic bishops were resolving to instruct President Bush in his conduct of U.

James Bowman