Spring 2001

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Reviews and Essays

Blair's 'Ethical' Policy

Over four centuries, British foreign policy based on national interest has served the country well. Now its greatest threat may be the moral pretensions of Messrs. Blair and Cook.

Robin Harris

Islamism: R.I.P.

Violent and preoccupied with power, Islamist ideology is a shell game whose time is up.

Ray Takeyh

Getting Hegemony Right

If it is to avoid global resentment and ward off potentially hostile coalitions, the United States must continue to ensure that others have a stake in its hegemonic system.

G. John Ikenberry

The Anglosphere Illusion

The proponents of an English-speaking union have overlooked several important considerations--not least of which is national interest.

Owen Harries

Their Gilded Age--and Ours

What would the titans of the Gilded Age say about the revolutionary effects of the New Economy and the globalization on world affairs? We've been here before.

Fouad Ajami

China and the Historians

A fresh look at China's last dynasty is leading sinologists to a more complex--and less deterministic--reading of modern China.

Charles Horner

From Miracle to Malaise

Once synonymous with success, the dragons of Southeast Asia may be running out of puff.

Peter Hartcher

A Choice of Europes

European security can best be bolstered through structures that embody both the West's ideals and geopolitical realities.

David Calleo