Spring 2004

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Reviews and Essays

A Civil Solution

Civil suits hold corporations accountable. Why not terrorists?

Jason McCue

Does Iraq Matter?

Realists, neocons, and liberals all agree that American failure in Iraq would be a catastrophe beyond Iraq. Really? How exactly?

Morton Abramowitz

Uncle Sam in the Arab Street

If America promotes democracy in the Middle East, it must be prepared for some very unpleasant consequences.

Ray Takeyh

The Sources of Russian Conduct

Sixty years after Kennan, Russia still baffles. But Putin's managed pluralism has deep roots in Russian opinion.

Nikolas K. Gvosdev

The Blogs of War

Governments used to do war and diplomacy, media used to report them. But in the Iraq War, freelance writers with laptops critiqued, corrected and cowed them both.

Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Keeping Terror Out

If gardeners and housemaids can cross our porous borders, so can Al-Qaeda operatives.

Mark Krikorian

Goodbye To Berlin?

A declining Germany gets no respect from Red State America--yet it wants a veto over U.S. policy. Surrendering this conceit is the first step back toward influence.

Walter Russell Mead

A Champion for the Bourgeoisie

A fictional 19th-century detective disdains Russia's intelligentsia and preaches a bourgeois sermon on virtue and responsible citizenship to Russia's nascent middle class.

Can NATO Survive Europe?

E. Wayne Merry advocated that NATO should give way to a purely European defense system. John Hulsman, Radek Sikorski and Hans Binnendijk & Richard Kugler disagree. A rejuvenated NATO can strengthen the Atlantic alliance.

John C. HulsmanRadek SikorskiHans BinnendijkRichard Kugler

The Dating Game

American is playing matchmaker to Turkey and the EU. It had better work. A broken engagement could mean a clash of civilizations.

Zeyno Baran

Retreat from Globalization

Bush appeases the anti-globalizers; the Democrats embrace them; the economy bubbles along; and the clouds gather.

Ian Campbell

The Cost of Living

How much should we spend to save an innocent child's life--and don't say it's priceless.

Matthew C. Weinzierl

Don't Cut the Cheese

No more Brie, no more Stilton, no more Gorgonzola. Just what have Washington and Brussels got against cheese? Don't you know there's a war on?

Julia Watson

I Dream of Empire

Empires have always inspired American imagination, for good and for ill.

The National Interest