Summer 1995

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Reviews and Essays

The Prior Question

Today's security debate revolves largely around what may be termed the prior question, that is, the question of identifying what may constitute serious threats to America's security in the post-Cold War world.

Robert W. Tucker

Bernadotte and Shamir

Marton's qualifications to write a book about the Middle East are slightly higher than Bernadotte's were to make peace there, but in the end it comes to the same: two boy scouts setting up pup-tents in minefields.

The Smithsonian and the Enola Gay

Not since 1855 has the Smithsonian been riven by a controversy to equal that precipitated by the proposed Enola Gay exhibit.

Wilcomb E. Washburn

Love in a Cold War Climate

The name Aino Kuusinen is all but unknown in the United States. This is unfortunate, for the life story of this undercover agent--a highly attractive, intelligent, and courageous woman, who spoke her English with an American accent--is a parable t

Peter Day

The Illusions of Collective Security

The omnibus view of social problems around the globe is a pernicious force threatening to divert organizations like NATO and the UN from their primary purpose.

Mark P. Lagon

The Cuba In Our Mind

Castro has never seemed more firmly ensconced in power. Those who have been bold enough over the years to declare themselves his enemies are now dead, in exile, in jail, or cowering in fear of arrest.

Mark Falcoff