Summer 1997

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Reviews and Essays

De Gaulle and the Death of Europe

The French understanding of the "national interest," epitomized by De Gaulle's thinking, reminds realists of the necessity of reflection on national identity.

Daniel J. Mahoney

Deadened Reckoning

A civilization determined to ignore or even repudiate its own past successes cannot count on achieving many future ones.

Adam Garfinkle

Clashing On

Clashing OnPierre Hassner and Samuel HuntingtonPierre HassnerThe exchange (one can hardly call it a debate) provoked by SamuelHuntington's savage reaction to my review (Spring 1997) is at thesame time sad, funny, and boring.

Pierre Hassner

The Nature of the Beast

Review of Walter Laqueur's Fascism: Past, Present Future (New York, Oxford University Press, 1996); Roger Eatwell's Fascism: A History (New York: Allen Lane, 1996).

The Wild East

Sinking into poverty amid its natural riches, Vladivostok is almost totally controlled by organized crime.

David Satter

Time to Kill: Europe and the Politics of Leisure

Europe, now liberated from the Cold War, as a whole is far more likely to face a period of acute economic stagnation, the undermining rather than the expansion of democracy, and serious social upheaval.

Steven Muller