Summer 2005

The Realist

Rejecting Russia?

Why, with all the problems the United States faces in the world, are some eager to provoke a new confrontation  between Washington and Moscow?

Nikolas K. GvosdevDimitri K. Simes

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Reviews and Essays

Containing Europe

America and Europe compete to influence the international system. The U.S. response should be a new formulation of an old strategy.

John Van Oudenaren

Post-Nuclear Strategy

Everyone wants them, but no one can use them. What's the point of nuclear weapons?

Barry M. Blechman

Where Credit Is Due

Is change in the Middle East the result of Ameican action or serendipity?

Rachel Bronson

The Dragon Awakes

Demand for resources will be the flashpoint in U.S.-Chinese relations.

Ian Bremmer

The Other Black Gold

The United States may surpass the Caspian Sea as the world's largest supplier of caviar.

Julia Watson

Israel and Arab Democracy

George W. Bush believes that democracy in the Arab world is the key to security. All in due time, says Ariel Sharon.

Aluf Benn

The India Imperative

George W. Bush has recognized that India is America's natural ally.

Robert D. Blackwill

Imperialism of the Fittest

The current system of sovereign territoriality has failed. A coalition of the truly sovereign must intervene to solve the world's problems.

Vladislav InozemtsevSergei Karaganov

The Ethics of Realism

Hans Morgenthau and Reinhold Niebuhr--the fathers of American realism--understood that good intentions do not excuse failure.

John C. HulsmanAnatol Lieven

Rethinking Non-Proliferation

Some states are more equal than others. America's non-proliferation strategy should reflect this reality.

Ted Galen CarpenterCharles V. Peña

The Democrat Armed

Democrats need to learn that jobs and healthcare do not make up a national security strategy.

Kurt M. CampbellMichael O'Hanlon

An Axis of Democracy?

History kept India and Israel apart. But times have changed. Will strategic necessity keep them together?

Rajan MenonSwati Pandey