Summer 2006


Ahead of the Curve: The New Axis of Oil

On his landmark visit to Saudi Arabia, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the two countries partners, not rivals. Last year, Flynt Leverett and Pierre Noel discussed Russian energy strategy.

Brussels Unbound

The EU has "unilateralist" ambitions.

China's Yugoslav Nightmare

Kosovo may be far far away from China-but its fate is on Beijing's mind.

Comments & Responses

Conrad Black responds to Robert Tucker and David Hendrickson

Entrepreneurs Sans Frontieres

In the 21st century, it is the businessman who has no nationality.

From Awakening to War

Without quick mediation, the politicization of religion could lead to conflict.

Future War: Taiwan

A plausible scenario for a Sino-American clash in the Taiwan Strait.


Protectionist measures endanger America's financial well-being.

Principles and Interests

In a volatile region of the world like South Asia, principled realism, not sloganeering, should guide U.S. policy.

Swedish Models

Everyone always wants to be like Sweden.  What happens whenthe socialist paradise fails.

The East Moves West

India and China's Great Game in the Gulf.

The Global Oil Rush

Given rising demand and dwindling supplies, consuming nations should look south and east.

The New Axis of Oil

A structural shift in energy markets creates new geopolitics.

The Return of the State

Five years ago, the Arab state was the problem.  Now it is seen as the solution.

Universal Values, Specific Policies

The more things seem to change, the more relevant are the lessons of the past.

Warming to Climate Change

Kyoto is upside down; America needs a sensible energy policy to fight global warming.

Books & Reviews

T for Terrorist

Hollywood romanticizes terror - Nir Rosen exposes it.

The Realist


The Israel lobby controversy shows how some substitute character assasination for serious debate.  American national interests suffer.

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