Thanksgiving 2001 Special 9-11 Issue

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Reviews and Essays

A Strange War

The semantic contest to define the conflict that began, or rather became manifest, on September 11 started immediately: Would it be crime or war?

Eliot A. Cohen

An End to Nonsense

An End to NonsenseByline: Owen HarriesSomeoneâ€"was it Nietzsche? Henry James? Lionel Trilling?â€"hasobserved that those who lack the imagination of disaster are doomedto be surprised by the world.

Owen Harries

A Test by Terrorism

A Test by TerrorismByline: James Schlesinger The events of September 11, undoubtedly the best planned and bestexecuted terrorist act in memory, have transformed the domestic andinternational landscape.

James Schlesinger

The Pakistani Pivot

On September 10, 2001, Pakistan was a country of secondaryinterestto the United States.

Dennis Kux