Winter 1995-1996

'Asianism' and Asian Security

When, in January 1995, China seized territory from the Philippines in the South China Sea, the states of East and Southeast Asia conspicuously balked at meeting the challenge that this peremptory action posed.


A Modest Proposal: Southern Africa and the World Bank

Given the dramatic turn-around South Africa has experienced in the last few years, it would be appropriate for the World Bank to choose the southern African development community as a privatization...

Another Way to Skin a Cat: The Spirit of Capitalism and the Confucian Ethic

I have examined the non-economic factors that have contributed to the Little Dragons' remarkable achievements. I have focused mainly on businessmen, government officials, and factory workers who were...

Australia and Asia: Espresso Democracy in a Satay Region

In the last fifty-five years Australia's move away from Britain has been persistent but harmonious.

Banking on Union?

Whatever forms the debate about European political union may take--and public opinion in many places seems increasingly skeptical--the idea of a common currency and a common central bank without it is surely an illusion.

Chirac: Beyond Gaullism?

The annual G-7 economic summits have been justly described as photoopportunities in which anything except economics may be discussed.

Churchill's Realism: Reflections on the Fulton Speech

The speech is remembered today as a seminal pronouncement on behalf of the Atlantic solidarity and clearheaded realism. What is less remembered is that at the time the address brought down on Churchill a torrent of controversy.

Deja Vu All Over Again: Algeria, France, and Us

Barely three decades after fighting one of the bitterest of all colonial wars, France and Algeria are again embroiled in conflict.

Into the Shooting Gallery

Putting NATO at risk in order to carry out a dubious mission in Bosnia, for the sake of repaired reputation and not real interests, constitutes a political gamble of the first order.

Kenya: A Tarnished Jewel

From the beginning, Kenya was the jewel in Britain's African crown, an idyllic, wife-swapping, polo-playing, lion-shooting place in the sun for the restless, titled, but often impecunious younger sons of empire.

Paradise Denied: The State Department, the Caribbean, and the Jews of Europe

Of all the remarks philosophers have made about history, few are as simple or powerful as Hegel's comment that history is a butcher's block. It is the blood of innocents that flows most freely from that block, their cries muffled by those who shou

The World Trade Center Bomb: Who is Ramzi Yousef? And Why It Matters

According to the presiding judge in last year's trial, the bombing of New York's World Trade Center on February 26, 1993 was meant to topple the city's tallest tower onto its twin, amid a cloud of cyanide gas.

Books & Reviews

Best of Buddies; Review of Anatoly Dobrynin's In Confidence

Washington has lived by leaks and rumors for a very long time, but until the collapse of communism there was one person in town with whom it was always safe to let your hair down.

Vietnam Made Him; Review of Colin Powell's My American Journey

As members of the Washington elite go, Colin Powell is an exceptionally attractive person.

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