Winter 2000-2001

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Reviews and Essays

American Sovereignty and the UN

The UN aspires to impose its moral authority on the United States in the name of international justice. The American people will not buy it.

Jesse Helms

The Deconstruction of Death

Most public fears about the "genome era" have been overly alarmist. Yet the political consequences may be revolutionary.

Fred C. Ikle

China: Getting the Questions Right

The usual questions about the China threat are increasingly unproductive. The authors suggest some new ones of their own.

Richard K. BettsThomas J. Christensen

Human Nature and Human Rights

"Human rights" as understood today bear little relation to what it means to be human; but that does not faze their advocates.

Robin Fox

The Rocky Shoals of International Law

International law is rapidly evolving a direction thaat threatens American sovereignty. With careful attention, however, the United States can mold the law to its advantage.

David B. Rivkin, Jr.Lee A. Casey

Where Does Russia Belong?

In the last issue, Zbigniew Brzezinski proposed a new plan for including Russia in an expanding transatlantic community. But his ideal world might not come about. With a comment from Brzezinski.

Stephen Sestanovich

The Vanity of Reason

A look at reason's self-destructive side, and an example of the same thing.

Kenneth Minogue

Jumping to Confusions

The fall of Milosevic does not vindicate U.S. Balkans policy, and the violence in Israel does not prove Oslo was doomed to fail.

Adam Garfinkle

Nasty Little Wars

Ask the Chechen fighters--the future of war is nasty, brutish and anything but short.

Anatol Lieven

German Fictions

An exchange on Jacob Heilbrunn's recent portrait of Germany's new literary Right.

Jan-Werner MuellerJames DavisStefan SullivanJacob Heilbrunn

The Praetorian Guard

The real civilian-military gap is between the U.S. military's excessive influence and common sense.

William Pfaff