Winter 2002-2003

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Reviews and Essays

Dual Frustration

Russia and America still disagree about Iran and Iraq. An experienced policymaker explains what's not in this rivalry--and what to do about it.

Stephen Sestanovich

The Unipolar Moment Revisited

As the "unipolar moment" stretches out into an era, its opportunities and vulnerabilities both come clearer a dozen years after its conceptual coinage.

Charles Krauthammer

Normative Shift

Social values change, and international norms change with them. A look at global issues and crises through the lens of "normative shift".

Coral Bell

All the Way

Vladimir Putin's vision of Russia's place in the real new world order offers a prospect of genuine Russian-American alliance. George W. Bush should pursue it.

Robert Legvold

An Inky Wretch

The world's first political journalist, Marchamont Nedham, was deeply partisan, but also pragmatic, principled and competent. A rare combination indeed.

Paul A. Rahe

End of an Affair?

A tale of Mexican-American romance and disappointment, with proposals preferred to save a friendship.

Robert S. Leiken

Power Steering

Two optimistic portrayals of the international future--by political scientists Joseph Nye and Michael Mandelbaum--go under a historian's scalpel.

Working Out: A Letter from Sinaloa

Sinaloa's maverick governor and his team have turned a narco-trafficking hellhole into a civic and commercial success. Maybe their formula can be franchised.

George Grayson

Bullish on Democracy

Contrary to covnventional wisdom, foreign direct investment by multinational corporations has bolstered transitions to democracy--more so, it turns out, than official development aid.

Minxin PeiMerritt Lyon