Winter 2003-2004

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Reviews and Essays

Hegemonic Quicksand

Global domination is a self-defeating goal. Global leadership is not.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Networking Nation-States

The nation-state is not dead, but technology is leading it down a very different road.

James C. Bennett

Design for Trading

Covert protectionism is spreading like kudzu. An open tariff might be better.

Martin Hutchinson

Today's Electric Power Grids

On August 14th, blackouts crippled the Canadian province of Ontario and the eastern United States, making it the largest power failure in American history: over 50 million people and more than 9,300 square miles were affected.

Greg AliffBranko Terzic

Confronting Hamas

Terrorist groups make poor peace partners.  Is Hamas any exception?

Steven N. SimonJonathan Stevenson

Selling America--Short

America's public diplomacy stinks. It's time to learn some lessons from the Cold War.

Jeffrey GedminCraig Kennedy

Therapy's End

NATO died with the Soviet Union. Get over it.

E. Wayne Merry


Africa out-distanced Evelyn Waugh's satire in Scoop and Black Mischief. It still does.

Keith B. Richburg

Realism About Georgia

I've received some critical comments about last week's column, especially as it related to the situation in Georgia.

Nikolas K. Gvosdev