Winter 2004-2005

The Realist

Realism's Shining Morality

Bush's first term saw real successes and serious failures.  To correct past miskakes, and avoid new ones, America's power must be wedded to leadership--and guided by a sense of the possible.

Robert F. EllsworthDimitri K. Simes

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Reviews and Essays

Mismanaging Iraq

When politics and policy collided in Iraq, too often politics won.

John Doe

Enforcing Nuclear Disarmament

Nigeria, Kazakhstan, the Congo: What do they have in common? All have nuclear reactors with the blessing of the UN. Is this "counter-proliferation" fit for an age of terror.

Amitai Etzioni

Close, but No Democracy

Washington must realize that unless Arab regimes allow pluralism, power-sharing and judicial independence, liberal autocracy--not democracy--will be the result.

Ray Takeyh

Downloading Democracy

History tells us that democracy should not be taken lightly. Without the proper cultural foundations, in can be a messy business indeed.

Robert Conquest

In Defense of Nationalism

Global elites inveigh against the evils of nationalism. But how will transnationalism save us from bad ideas? It never has before.

John O'Sullivan

Black Sea Blues

The Abkhaz seem to have built themselves a state. Now all they need is someone to recognize it.

Charles King

Night and Fog

Alan Furst recreates the atmosphere of Europe's second Dark Ages (1933-45) as few others have. Today, Western civilization is again under attack, and Furst can teach us a great deal.


Francis Fukuyama, Ian Rainey, Mike Roskin, Gary Schmitt, George Modelski, John M. Owen, IV, Eric Chenoweth, Kenneth Minogue and Max Singer.

Francis FukuyamaIan RaineyMike RoskinGary SchmittGeorge ModelskiJohn M. Owen IVEric ChenowethKenneth MinogueMax Singer

Jihad Archipelago

The battle for the soul of Islam in Southeast Asia is underway. Americans may not be interested in the outcome. But the outcome is interested in us.

Greg Sheridan

Red Sun Rising

After a decade in decline, Japan is on the road to repair.

Herbert London

Neo-Conspiracy Theories

There is much room for debate on the soundness of neoconservative policies. But a serious assessment of neocons and their role in the Bush Administration is a necessary starting point.

Banking on Turkey

On the eve of EU accession, Turkey's financial sector is poised to take off.

H. Kaan Nazli

Thinking Outside the Tank

Policy is only as strong as the thinking behind it. We need new ideas--and institutions--to win the war on terrorism.

Steven N. SimonJonathan Stevenson