Barbara Slavin


 Barbara Slavin is the author of Bitter Friends, Bosom Enemies: Iran, the U.S. and the Twisted Path to Confrontation (St. Martins, 2007), former assistant managing editor of the Washington Times and former diplomatic reporter for USA Today.

Recent Posts

Wising Up on Iran

It looks like the Bush administration is wising up: it’s sending an official to Geneva this weekend for multilateral talks with Iran. The question is, why now?

Offer in the Offing?

As pressure from the West increases, Iran is showing signs that it may be ready to make some concessions. Is the United States ready to compromise?

A Missed Opportunity

European Union foreign-policy supremo Javier Solana went to Tehran recently to offer a new round of incentives. Where was the American representative?

Spoiling to Spoil

As the president embarks upon his trip to the Middle East, the administration’s latest regional initiative is threatening to collapse under its own weight—only months after it debuted with great fanfare at Annapolis.

Off the Warpath?

In the wake of the National Intelligence Estimate, the conventional wisdom on Iran has changed. At The Nixon Center on Monday, seasoned Iran watchers like Anthony Cordesman, Shai Feldman and Suzanne Maloney gave their thoughts on