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U.S.-Russia Relations in Transition

In an all-day conference at the Nixon Center, U.S. and Russian experts discussed the ups and downs of the U.S.-Russia relationship. Will transfers of power in Washington and Moscow lead to new opportunities for understanding?

Are They Right?

Much has been made of the neoconservative influence over U.S. foreign policy. In a new book, TNI senior editor Jacob Heilbrunn tries to make sense of the house that Kristol built.

A Triangular Relationship

Monday at The Nixon Center, the Iraqi Ambassador to the United States, Samir Sumaida’ie, said that the United States should utilize economic levers when it comes to dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

The Taming of the Hawks

Is war with Iran in America’s best interests? On Thursday, four panelists at an event sponsored by the Nixon Center and the American Conservative Defense Alliance argued for a different stance toward Tehran.