Eric Jones


Australia is the nearest Western country to that great bonfire of the vanities, the Asian crisis. The fear is that it may also be the most combustible.

Many economists, business analysts and especially people in the communications industries are in a state of euphoria about globalization.

The economic success of East and Southeast Asia challenges the verities of Western historical uniqueness.


What clues can past episodes of economic integration provide about the future of globalization? Three recent works offer answers.

The sky is falling, really.

In this new book, Cairncross is a little breathless about the electronic communications that will conjure new worlds into existence. Nevertheless, because her text is well informed and her prose lucid, and because the technological developments ar

This is a work of criticism ranging over the more fashionable social sciences and humanities, assessing and mostly rejecting them as unsuitable for elucidating the Japanese political system and berating their exponents for ignoring that system in

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April 20, 2014