Geoffrey Wheatcroft


Geoffrey Wheatcroft is an English journalist and author, whose books include Yo, Blair! (Politico’s Publishing, 2007), The Strange Death of Tory England (Allen Lane, 2005) and The Controversy of Zion (Perseus Books, 1997), which won a National Jewish Book Award.

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Zionism's Colonial Roots

Netanyahu may insist his state is "not neo-colonial," but Vladimir Jabotinsky, his ideological ancestor, saw things differently.

Geoffrey Wheatcroft

Once Upon a Time in Westphalia

It took Tony Blair one speech in 1999 to trap the Western world in an unending series of interventionist wars. We may care about the people of Tibet, Baghdad and Libya, but are we the knight-errant of the human race?

Geoffrey Wheatcroft

A Love Lost Over the Atlantic

The "special relationship" has long been a foreign policy myth. The day has finally come for a peaceful separation between two English-speaking powers.

Geoffrey Wheatcroft

If Sarah Palin is the Answer . . .

Conservatism is once again facing an identity crisis. The recent passing of William F. Buckley, Jr., offers a perfect opportunity to look back at the movement, with its antecedents, its birth, its triumphs and now its potential demise.