Morton Abramowitz

Morton Abramowitz is a senior fellow at The Century Foundation and a member of The National Interest's advisory council.


Nation-building always looks so easy on paper. Time to let reality be a harsh teacher.

Governments get the bureaucracies the deserve.

Realists, neocons, and liberals all agree that American failure in Iraq would be a catastrophe beyond Iraq. Really? How exactly?


If Sunday's election is cancelled, the crisis will get much worse.

"If more Syrians are to be saved, we will have to again consider using force to insure the delivery of goods."

The Obama administration's unclear, often-changing Syria policy has created serious trouble for Erdogan.

Relations between Turkey and the Kurds are approaching a defining moment—and the prime minister is weak.

The troubled Turkish PM might have a tough time moving forward on the peace process.

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April 19, 2014