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Surge of the 'Second World'

Those nations falling between the developed West and the world’s poorest countries are jockeying for position in their own regions and playing powers against each other. They will make life increasingly difficult for the reigning great powers.

Parag Khanna

The Regime Change We Need

Democracy fatigue threatens choose-your-color revolutions. Transparency of the executive can revitalize enthusiasm.

Lawrence GrooParag Khanna

The Axis of Democracy (Revisited)

Ariel Sharon's current visit to India has been widely reported and in some corners scorned as a "Hindu-Zionist" conspiracy, but deeper analysis suggests that the visit actually represents the completion of a triangle of American-led partnerships betw

The Axis of Democracy

 In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, America has forged anti-terrorism alliances of convenience with several unexpected bedfellows, including Uzbekistan and Pakistan.