R2P: More Harm Than Good?

There are better reasons to go to war in Syria, including under international law.

The Baggage of an In-and-Outer

Widening criticism of Susan Rice's work outside government highlights the problems of Washington's public sector-private sector revolving door.

Congo the Colossal Cripple

Maybe the DRC is just too big.

Washington's Endless War

Afghanistan. Iraq. Libya. Now perhaps Syria, Iran or Mali. These days, America is rarely at peace.

Why Syria Is Not Libya

History offers important warnings for those who think Assad will go quietly.

When to Intervene

Protecting innocent lives is a valid argument for humanitarian intervention. Promoting regime change is not.

Saints Go Marching In

Somalia. Bosnia. Sierra Leone. Kosovo. Armed intervention is on the rise. Libya proves once again that humanitarian adventurism is a mere shroud for Western imperialism.

Who Writes the Nation's Moral Code?

As much as pundits might hope otherwise, morality is not black and white. It's time to broaden the debate.

Imperial by Design

Like his two most recent predecessors, President Obama is embarking on a disastrous foreign policy bent on global domination.

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April 20, 2014