East Africa

Saudi Arabia Doubles Down on Abuse

The bad treatment of African workers is nothing new.

The Silliness of "China in Africa"

African states aren't passively surrendering to Chinese dominance.

Al Shabaab and the New Threat We Face

Forget fancy planes and the Chinese threat—it's still terror and insurgency we'll be fighting.

The International Criminal Court on Trial

The prosecution of Kenya's president and his deputy has put the ICC in a serious bind.

East Africa's Emerging Crescent of Militancy

Al Shabaab and its affiliates are building a dangerous regional network with strong growth prospects.

Why Is Samantha Power Speaking to Invisible Children?

The new UN rep makes her debut at the controversial slacktivist group's forum. 

Congo the Colossal Cripple

Maybe the DRC is just too big.

American Interest, American Blood

The price America pays in blood for its overseas initiatives rarely gets mentioned in political debates surrounding such policies, but it deserves more attention.

A Vicious Cycle of Intervention in Somalia

America has been trying and failing to transform the country for over twenty years.

The Limitless Global War

The myth of a coherent "Al Qaeda" is being used to justify illegal, unconstitutional warfare.

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April 19, 2014