Machiavelli Revisited

With great power comes great responsibility. But Washington is adrift and our country in search of a strategy. Foreign-policy heavyweight Les Gelb wittily channels a master to update the classic realpolitik definition of power.

TNI Interview with Richard Perle

TNI Editor Justine Rosenthal talks with Richard Perle to discuss the neoconservative "conspiracy," why there won't be much change in foreign policy under Obama, how to deal with North Korea and Iran, and the future of the "neocon" agenda.

The Leadership Deficit

America’s international response to the financial crisis has been lackluster. If we don’t offer solutions, other countries might challenge our dominance of the global financial system.

Richard Perle Redux

Richard Perle discussed his recent article, “Ambushed on the Potomac,” at TNI last week. Click here for a one-on-one interview and full coverage at the

Bush's Fall Guy

Dick Cheney is angry that Bush didn’t pardon Scooter Libby. He should be—Libby was blamed for lies about the Iraq War he had little to do with.

A Moderate Revival?

The election of Barack Obama, combined with Tzipi Livni’s strong showing in Israel and Mohammad Khatami’s return to politics in Iran, might herald an international resurgence of pragmatism.

Lazy Allies

Many of our military partners aren’t contributing enough in Iraq and Afghanistan. How should American officials deal with these reluctant friends?