The Freedom Crusade

Promoting democracy is not only alien to American diplomatic tradition, it could jeopardize our security.

David C. HendricksonRobert W. Tucker

The Ethics of Realism

Hans Morgenthau and Reinhold Niebuhr--the fathers of American realism--understood that good intentions do not excuse failure.

John C. HulsmanAnatol Lieven

The Democrat Armed

Democrats need to learn that jobs and healthcare do not make up a national security strategy.

Kurt M. CampbellMichael O'Hanlon

Containing Europe

America and Europe compete to influence the international system. The U.S. response should be a new formulation of an old strategy.

John Van Oudenaren

Post-Nuclear Strategy

Everyone wants them, but no one can use them. What's the point of nuclear weapons?

Barry M. Blechman

The Other Black Gold

The United States may surpass the Caspian Sea as the world's largest supplier of caviar.

Julia Watson

Borderline Insanity

Compassion and national security often conflict. President Bush's immigration policy, by seeking both, delivers neither.

Mark Krikorian