The Senator's Errors

John McCain says he has all the answers when it comes to foreign policy. But a sampling of his statements on Russia shows that he has much to learn.

Obama the Sophisticate

Obama might not have solved the world’s problems, but he did thwart McCain’s attempts to label him as a foreign-policy naïf. But can Obama actually deliver what he is promising?

War: Who Decides?

James Baker and Warren Christopher miss the point in proposing new war-powers rules. What we really need is a Congress that will enforce the Constitution—not another law for presidents to ignore.

Obama at the Gate?

There’s a brouhaha brewing in Germany over Obama’s foreign-policy visit. The presidential candidate is getting ready for a big trip to Europe and the Middle East to shore up his foreign-policy resumé. But is he really just showing his naïveté?

Can You Handle the Truth?

Missile defense is on the agenda again, this time at the G8. The United States has just signed a deal with the Czechs, to Russian protests. At The Nixon Center, Russian Ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin explained Moscow’s concerns.

Is Hillary the One?

Now that Hillary Clinton’s chances of being the Democratic nominee are all but over, many in the party are saying she should occupy the second spot on the ticket. But come November, that electoral math may not add up.

U.S.-Russia Relations in Transition

In an all-day conference at the Nixon Center, U.S. and Russian experts discussed the ups and downs of the U.S.-Russia relationship. Will transfers of power in Washington and Moscow lead to new opportunities for understanding?