Carter's Heir?

Obama’s foreign-policy team has some conflicting personalities. Can he manage his deputies effectively? Or will his administration collapse from infighting?

The New Welfare State

America should stop wasting money by providing defense resources for half the world. Instead, we need to focus on defending ourselves.

Rebooting the Republicans

The GOP is in a bad spot right now, but that’s no reason to despair. As Obama comes to power, he’ll be tested on foreign policy—and his supporters might find him lacking.

Yes She Can

Hillary is a tenacious executive—wherever she goes, there’s no doubt that she’s in charge. But should megalomaniacal management really reign at Foggy Bottom?

A Memo for President Obama

The president-elect has a lot of foreign-policy problems on his hands—but inaction in certain areas might be just as beneficial as strenuous exertion in others.

The Bank of America

As America makes security guarantees left and right, there’s a danger all our customers will make a run on the bank—leaving our country in an impossible situation.