More of the Same, but Different

French voters chose ruling-party conservative Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist Ségolène Royal—both meant to represent a new generation of leaders—to compete in a classic left-right contest.

Loyalty at What Cost?

President George W. Bush’s “full support” of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz has implications far beyond the future of the two besieged officials.

Broken Promises

The recent effort by the Bush Administration to better explain U.S. policies in Eastern Europe will have no impact unless Washington is prepared to listen to Russian concerns and act accordingly.

In Serious Trouble

Speaking at The Nixon Center, Dimitri K. Simes discussed the precarious status quo of the U.S.-Russia relationship. The two countries can work together on important issues like nuclear proliferation and terrorism. But it will not be easy.

Following the National Interest

In an interview with World Security Network, National Interest editor Nikolas Gvosdev explores the past, present and future of The National Interest