Hugo Chavez and his Sulfuric Angel

Despite the geopolitical agitation about Chavez and leftists, when it comes to Latin America, U.S. interests may be most affected by that issue Americans focus on: illegal immigration—or rather, one particular type.

Israel in NATO?

Such a proposal brings as many complications as it does benefits.

Richard Rupp

Knowing Rumsfeld

Robert F. Ellsworth gives his estimation of Rumsfeld, the individual and defense secretary. Ellsworth says the neoconservatism Rumsfeld adopted made “planning for any difficulty ideologically unacceptable” on Iraq. Ellsworth was deputy secretary o

On the Elections, From the Right

Grover Norquist sees the elections as a potential watershed for the GOP. With many conservatives defecting, his enduring defense of party clearly signals a personal struggle to reconcile ideology and Republican loyalty.