Living With a New Europe

The challenge posed to the United States by the European Union is seriously exaggerated--and this is particularly true of the proposal for an all-European defense force. Daniel Vermet, Christoph Bertram and Timothy Garton Ash respond.

Zbigniew BrzezinskiDaniel VernetChristoph BertramTimothy Garton Ash

Meanwhile on the Left...

How the different strands of the Left have reacted to the end of the Cold War--and how they help explain developments on the Right.

Lawrence F. Kaplan

The Folk Who Live on the Hill

Talk of vital interests has become canonical on Capitol Hill. But when pressed to identify these interests, too many congressional Republicans fall silent.

James Kitfield

The Jacksonian Tradition

How one distinctive, but neglected and sometimes disparaged, strain of America's political culture shapes our foreign policy and warfighting.

Walter Russell Mead

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Their own governments, not the economic system, were to blame for the recent financial crisis in Asian countries.

Hilton L. Root

For the Record

As we contemplate the results of victory in Kosovo, it is time to sort fact from fiction concerning American intervention.

Christopher LayneBenjamin Schwarz

Jimmy Polk's War

A review of the Mexican War in which Manifest Destiny is reclaimed from the revisionists.

Patrick J. Buchanan