Israel's Bogeyman

The campaign against Chas Freeman was a waste of time. People concerned about Israel’s safety should worry about Iran, not some minor bureaucrat.

Squaring the Pentagon

America’s promiscuous foreign policy has spawned a gargantuan defense budget. If we restrained ourselves, we could direct that money elsewhere.

A Free Man?

Is Chas Freeman an honest patriot or a Saudi stooge? Either way, he’s become a proxy for a wider battle over our Middle East policy.

Diplomacy from Defense

Robert Gates advocated tying America’s missile-defense plans with Iran’s nuclear progress over a year ago. With his letter to Russia, it looks like President Obama has finally taken Gates’advice.

Expediency of the Angels

Wary of overpromising, the U.S. public has begun to shy away from promoting our values abroad. What's needed is not to abandon idealistic goals, but to pursue them in more pragmatic ways.

Suzanne KatzensteinJack Snyder

The Hemispheric Divide

The United States is no longer the master of its hemispheric domain. Gone are the days when Washington could expect Latin America to bow down to its interests. After years of failed foreign and domestic policies, the United States will have to she

Julia E. Sweig

The Laws of War

Stopping torture and changing the policies of the Bush administration may not be enough. With a whole new type of terrorist bred from extraordinary rendition and torture, the last eight years may well prove inescapable.