The Mind of a Decider

As President Bush’s administration comes to a close, he’s been in a reflective mood. But instead of explaining his actions, his musings have made them even harder to understand.

A Realist Peace?

It may not seem like it, but the world has been pretty peaceful in the past few decades. Why? Liberals say international institutions, while realists think it’s the rise of nuclear weapons. The financial crisis is about to prove which group is rig

Still Number One

America’s economy is suffering—but so is everyone else’s. When the dust settles, we’ll still be at the top of global finance.

Hillary's Nuclear Umbrella

Hillary Clinton wants to extend our nuclear protection. But this would embolden our friends to the point of stupidity—and we’ll be left to clean up the mess.

The True Believer

President Bush is delusional—he still thinks his freedom agenda has worked wonders across the world. Instead, he’s wrecked American foreign policy.