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Leaks and an Irresponsible Press

The media are far less critical of Edward Snowden and his allies than they should be.

America's Culture Wars Will Never End

Neither side will cease to exist anytime soon. They might as well learn to live with each other.

Ruffled Relations with Turkey

How America should handle recent rough patches.

Nannygate: U.S.-India Relations Rocked

One of the twenty-first century's most important pairs is in a rough patch after a consular official's arrest.

Closing Time? The Shifting Politics of Guantánamo

A recent vote suggests it's now acceptable to support closure of the controversial detention facility.

Is America About to Launch a New Wave of Nuclear Proliferation?

A promising new technology could make uranium enrichment a lot more efficient—and easier to hide.

Colombia: A Forgotten Front in the War on Drugs Heats Up

One might begin to get the impression that this is all futile.

Obamacare: Now Officially a Hardship

New regulatory guidance effectively admits that the law is a source of trouble, and one from which Americans are entitled to relief.

A Scholars' Boycott of Israel

Was the American Studies Association right to break with Israel?

A 2016 Game Changer: Mike Huckabee?

He might not win, but he can make it hard for others to pick up socially conservative voters.

Is the American Dream Dying?

Polls show optimism falling and worries rising—and politicians don't seem to have the answers.

Wandering "Weevils"

Are Iran, Russia and China an axis burrowing away beneath the foundations of the international system?

Edward Snowden's Sickening Love Letter to Brazil

The NSA defector abandons his claimed patriotic motives and grovels at the feet of a foreign government.

Hillary Clinton's Afghanistan Problem

The surge might have been Obama's biggest mistake abroad—and she pushed it to the hilt.

Harper, RGIII, and NSA

Star athletes—and high-performing intelligence tools—shouldn't be left to make decisions about risk themselves. It's a coach's—and a president's—job.

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April 18, 2014