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Some Bombs Can Be Tossed

Limited nuclear reductions won't embolden America's adversaries.

The Next Obamacare Crisis

Why many Americans could be forced to repay their Affordable Care Act subsidy.

The Highly Competent NSA

Private tech companies with big budgets are learning they aren't always the best in the business.

Why South Africa Loves Cuba

The history behind Raul Castro's prominent billing at Mandela's funeral.

The Worldview of Barack Obama

As Obama enters the fifth year of his presidency, the broad outlines of a distinct worldview, if not an Obama Doctrine, have come into focus.

The Iran Deal Meets Obamacare

"An agreement with Iran on its nuclear program may become the foreign policy equivalent of Obamacare."

A Scary Thought: President John McCain

"The fact that we avoided such a trigger-happy commander-in-chief is the one silver lining behind the 2008 presidential election."

How Washington Broke Robert Gates

What seems most to have disturbed Gates – and the trauma he tries to reconcile and exorcise in his memoir – is the pettiness of the fights and dysfunction in Washington when so much was at stake.

The Progressives Strike Back

American liberals have a potential new hero in Bill de Blasio. Can he deliver?

The Myth of America's Triumph

The declinists are wrong—but so are many of their critics.

The Five Worst U.S. Presidents of All Time

Where does our current President stand?

Tinker, Tailor, Leaker, Spy: The Future Costs of Mass Leaks

The Manning and Snowden revelations have provoked a necessary conversation about liberty and security. But their mass disclosures harm America's intelligence partnerships and the trust of potential sources.

Teddy Roosevelt and Taft: The Odd Couple

Few American stories of personal fellowship are as poignant as the Roosevelt-Taft friendship—and its brutal disintegration.

Breaking Down the Freedom Agenda

Was it a success or failure?

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April 16, 2014