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Contradictions and their Consequences in Afghanistan

Picking winners and losers in Afghanistan is flawed and dangerous. What about giving someone a pony?

Triangulating Today's News

Afghan troops can't read, Afghan voters can't vote, but spooks are spying more than ever.

Bait and Switch in Afghanistan

Americans got duped into a utopian nation-building venture. It's as unethical as it is misguided.

The Way of War

The days of the kilt-wearing bagpiper leading the battle charge are long gone. So, too, is undivided support for the troops on the homefront. All the while, al-Qaeda remains resilient.

Plodding Ahead Despite Knowing Better

We are stuck watching a rerun of reminders from past wars, pushing an emotionally scarred America headlong into another quagmire.

The Dilemma of War

Iraq and Afghanistan raise the question: Can we win by attempting to take cruelty out of war, especially when faced with adversaries that do not?

Command Guidance: The War to Win Hearts and Minds

The Taliban are not the country bumpkins we often attribute them to be, but are capable of a sophistication that rivals our most intelligent military officers. We underestimate them at our peril.

Afghanistan as Obama’s War: What was the President Thinking?

Humpty Dumpty isn’t going to be put back together, and there's little difference between the neocon war-initiators under George W. Bush and President Obama's liberal war-expanders.

From the Guys Who Brought You the War in Iraq

It's hard to call the surge in Iraq a true success. That doesn't bode well for Afghanistan.

What Conditions, Exactly?

Petraeus and company may talk about the "conditions" for withdrawal, but they are actually laying the groundwork to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan longer, regardless of the situation on the ground.

Back to Basics in Afghanistan

We should be asking the question of why we are there at all.

An Israeli Weighs in on the Flotilla

A number of recent events have triggered an awful lot of hypocrisy toward Israel.

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April 24, 2014